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Honor The Confirmation of Synchronicity

Our Divine Download for October 17, 2022 is Synchronicity from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. Synchronicity is one of my very favorite words because it is one of my very favorite things. Synchronicities are our confirmations that we ARE in fact listening to our intuition and that are taking the correctly interpreted guided actions. They are our reassurance that we are on the right path, that we are in the flow. There is NO such thing as coincidence (and this is a word I most assuredly do NOT love!) and we self-sabotage when we try to write beautifully divinely aligned and inspired synchronicity off as mere coincidence. Are you able to see, notice, and connect to the synchronicity that the universe is providing you? If not, why not? Sometimes we obsess over looking for and finding synchronicity to support our actions and our choices, because we feel insecure with our intuition and our cosmic connection and we feel like we need the universe to shout reassurance at us every single moment of the day and with every single teeny, tiny, step that we take. Sometimes we are so caught up in waiting for the next synchronicity to appear that we barely take a pause or a breath to notice and appreciate those that have. We have an attitude of "great, but onto the next!" When we self-sabotage in these ways, we are not present moment focused and remove ourselves from the connected flow of life, and of course when we do that, less synchronicities will appear because we're not where we're supposed to be. So honor the synchronicity within in your life. Be grateful for the confirmation. Be present. Be connected. Be on your path. Synchronicity is saying to you "All is well. You are exactly where you need to be."

When you are really on the struggle bus of doubt with the signs and synchronicity you are receiving, that can be a great time for a One Question Channeled Reading. Ask Your Question Today: Ask Your Question HERE!


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