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Honor Your Feelings In The Moment

Our Divine Download for February 20, 2023 is Honoring Your True Feelings from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. We spend a lot of time avoiding our feelings, and thinking about them, trying to understand them, trying to make sense of them, instead of just being present with them and allowing them to flow through us. When we do this, we take ourselves out of the flow of the universal energy and inevitably end up NOT processing our feelings, not allowing them to flow, but shoving them down and just generally causing things to be WAY harder for ourselves than they have to be. Feelings are meant to flow like water. When we allow them to do so by honoring them and making space for them in the moment, or in the closest appropriate adjacent moment, we can not only best stay in the present moment, but we also maintain our best and strongest connection to the universe. We are particularly adept at not allowing any feelings that we judge as "negative" or "bad" to flow or be dealt with in present time, so we end up suppressing and stuffing feelings like sadness, anger, grief, and when we do that we dramatize and glorify those emotions and end up making them way bigger than they ever were or ever had to be. We convince ourselves that if we cry to let our sad out that if we start crying we'll simply never stop. The reality is that once we make the space in order to allow ourselves to process through any suppressed emotions, it won't ever be as bad or as long as we've thought it into being. So make the space. It's time. This is how we best honor our authentic feelings.

Our Angels support us in honoring our feelings and will give us gentle and meaningful action steps to help us process any emotions that we may have avoided in real time during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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