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Invite Heart Centered Relationships To Your Life

Our Divine Download for February 26, 2022 is Descendant/Invitation from Starcodes Astro Oracle. The Ascendant describes how you enter the world and the face that you show to the world, and the Descendant is the place where you invite equal others to come into your world. The Descendant describes how you see these peers, what you project upon them, and what you were trained to respect in them. It is what we admire in others because we have trouble accessing it within ourselves. The Descendant is where the sun would be at sunset. This card comes to us to encourage us to look at how we invite others to participate with us in the various facets of our lives. It encourages us to strike a healthy balance between welcoming others while also keeping healthy boundaries in place. When you feel comfortable with the ground rules for the people that you seek to bring into your life, it becomes easier to open your heart. Notice if you have a habit or a pattern of avoiding meeting new people or keeping distance from the people in your life - investigate this habit to examine if it is truly serving your best interest. Even those behaviors which we have adapted because it might have once been important or necessary to protect ourselves, consider if it is still necessary and if it is actually working with those people in your life, or if it is perhaps creating unnecessary distance and keeping your heart sheltered in place. The Descendant card also asks you to consider which areas of your life you may ask others to do your work for you as it can point to where you might try to import from other people. Make sure that you are not giving your power away by looking to others to finish your assignments for you - if you were truly incapable, they would not be your assignments. Descendant also asks you to tend to your heart by inviting relationships which are clear, healing, nurturing, self-responsible, and encouraging of mutual evolution because you deserve nothing less from those in your life.

We tend to judge ourselves so harshly, especially when it comes to patterns of how we relate to others. Often we are so busy holding harsh judgement over ourselves that we miss the growth opportunities provided by the people and situations in our lives. Our Angels are experts at helping us hold a kinder, gentler perspective about ourselves and encouraging us within our relationships. Schedule a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading and allow them to do just that. Book your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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