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Our Divine Download for May 2, 2020 is Join In from the Butterfly Oracle Cards. Our butterfly friends are encouraging us to stretch and flap our own wings a little bit and join in with others in meaningful ways. Yes, it is absolutely possible to join in with different groups and activities, friends and family, even during shelter in place orders. If you have been keeping to yourself more during this time, it's time for you to stretch and involve yourself with others. If you have only been connecting with friends and family, it's time for you to seek out some new experiences. This can even be a sign for you simply to go outside, not just in your own yard, and see other people again (from 6 ft away). It's spring, the weather is shifting, the flowers are beginning to bloom, animals are starting to frolic more. We're being encouraged to bloom and frolic too. And yes, there are absolutely ways that we can do that right now (even if we sometimes have to think outside of the box to discern them lately). Join in with nature. Join in with life. Join in with newness and new experiences. Do those things that maybe you've always wanted to do, but may not have had the time to do until now. Take that online class. Watch those youtube tutorials. Try a Zoom cocktail hour. Most importantly, follow your heart. What does your heart long for you to join? What have you always felt outside of for whatever reasons, that you can now potentially join? How can you allow yourself to join in activities and parts of life where you have disallowed yourself those opportunities in the past? What are you willing to try? How can you expand your comfort zone through joining? Just because you try something on for size today, because you join a group or an social distanced activity of some sort does not necessarily mean that you will need to stay there or are stuck with it for any indefinite period of time. Try it on, give in a fair shake, and adjust accordingly as need be. This can also be an opportune time for you to evaluate that which you have joined in the past to see if it is still a good fit for you, so see if it still serves you. If it does not, un-joining can be just as liberating and empowering as joining. Spread your wings and see how far you can stretch as you join in some of the plethora of activities which are available to us right now.


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