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Less Work, More of Everything Else...

Our Divine Download for June 25, 2023 is Ten of Fire from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be considered the Ten of Wants, Ten of Archangel Gabriel, and Ten of Spring. No matter, what you call it, or how you slice it, this card heralds a warning that you are working far too much and far too hard and that if you don't pivot and make some immediate changes (in terms of rest and/or delegation) you may even suffer stress related health concerns because of the level of overwork that you are experiencing. This is a card of HUGE imbalance and a big card of stress. It's a warning card that if you don't course correct now, immediately, things will not go well for you and you will absolutely feel as though you are pounding your head against the proverbial wall. Remember that time, even as it relates to work and allegedly necessary tasks is still a man made construct and what truly needs to get done, simply will get done, when it is meant to. That will happen regardless of you killing yourself or working yourself to the bone in the process. This is a card of reassessing your priorities and redistributing your work load. Sometimes it can be helpful to run things by other people, close friends, our partners, family members, trusted advisors because it can become difficult for us to see the forest through the proverbial trees when we are too close to the situation, and especially when we are stressed out or experiencing any type of imbalance. If we do not heed the warning of the Ten of Fire, we will absolutely burn out and all of our work could go up in flames.

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