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Let Go Of What You Don't Need

Our Divine Download for May 28, 2022 is Time to Move On from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards with the message "It's time to let go of the old and worn out so that the new can come in." There is only a finite amount of space in any physical space and also within your body and energetic system. Ideally, we should be very discerning as to what we allow to occupy ANY of the space which exists in our lives, but we are not. In fact, we tend to collect a certain amount of clutter, whether that is physical, emotional, or energetic, and then we suffer and struggle when we mindlessly and carelessly allow clutter to take up the precious space that we have within the various aspects of our lives. And it usually doesn't work for us. It has been said that we need to clear space, both physically and energetically, in order to give our blessings a place to land. When was the last time that you cleared space for your incoming blessings? When was the last time that you intentionally cleared any space? It's time to move on from the stagnant and chaotic energy of clutter and towards a more connected and mindfully cultivated future filled only with things that we want, choose, and intend to take up our precious resource of space. When we hold onto things that we no longer need, like, love, or have any use for, we are telling the universe that we do not believe in or resonate with true abundance. This is absolutely NOT the message that we want to be putting forth into the universe. So be willing to trust and believe in an abundant universe and let go of those things which no longer fit in your life and no longer serve you. Because I promise, what is coming, is going to be SO much better!