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Let It Go!

Our Divine Download for April 14, 2024 is Release from The Angel Therapy Oracle Cards with the message "Work with Archangel Michael to let go of what no longer serves you or your purpose." So there's a big clue as to why Archangel Michael came in for us yesterday lol! What do you need to release? What is it time to let go of? What no longer serves you? What doesn't serve your purpose. What are you holding on to too tightly under the illusion of control? Let it go. Release it. It's time. It's just weighing you down. It's keeping you from moving forward at your full potential speed and trajectory. That's not working for you and it can't feel good. The image on the card suggests that it's time for us to fly, to soar like the birds. We can't do that when we are tied down by all the stuff that no longer serves us that we refuse to release. Sometimes we hold on because we forget that we can simply let go, that it really can be that easy, that simple. We make it harder than it has to be. We make a big deal about release, about letting go, when it's really not that complicated. When we place an object in our hands, it takes more coordination and muscle strength, more literal effort to hold onto that object, than it does to simply flip our hands over, open them up, and just let that object go. Where it goes once it we release it doesn't matter and isn't up to us. Once we let go, it's just not our problem anymore. And it doesn't ever need to be again. Because one of the big keys to release is to let it go, and not pick it back up. So drop it like it's hot because you've got places to go and big things to do. Release!

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