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Let It Go, Let It Go!

Our Divine Download for Monday April 27, 2020 is Let Go of Anxiety/Lavender from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. With so much going on, there's a lot to be anxious about. But our Angels are reassuring us with this message, that all (ALL!) is truly okay and everything is working out for our greatest and highest good. Now, exhale, just a little. We often forget to breathe, especially to take full, deep cleansing breaths when we are anxious. Our breath is a tool that we always have with us and focusing on our breathing is a simple thing that we can do to redirect our energy and nourish our bodies when our anxiety starts to rear it's ugly head. Our anxiety is actually blocking us from achieving our full connection and receiving our guidance from our guides and our Angels, and that's no good! Lavender can help us with that. Whether we can interact directly with the plant, use the essential oil, perhaps some body care products that are lavender scented, drink some lavender tea, or use the energetic vibration from images of lavender, it can help calm us, help soothe our nerves, and help clear and open our channel to the divine. When we are experiencing stress and anxiety, it is a great idea to involve as many of our senses as we can to help achieve and restore better emotional balance. You can use your sight to gaze at images of lavender flowers or physical lavender plants. Use your sense of smell to inhale the aroma of some good quality lavender essential oils (and amply them to the bottoms of your feet, pulse points, and along your spine). Your sense of taste can enjoy lavender in baked goods or tea. Your sense of hearing can listen for the unique sound that lavender plants make as they move or as they comb through your aura. Your sense of touch can be stimulated when you apply lavender oil or body products to your body in a soothing nourishing way, or when you physically touch and interact with the plant or dried flowers. The more of your senses you can involve when you are anxious or stressed, the better balance you can achieve. When you have de-escalated your anxiety somewhat, you also then have the opportunity to use your extra sensory senses as you tune into your guides and angels. Who will reassure you and guide you because there is truly nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. Every little thing is really going to be okay.

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