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Let the Music Move You

Our Divine Download for December 19, 2020 is Music from the Oracle of the Fairies. Music is soothing to our souls. Music can bring joy. Music can help us process great sadness and anger too. Music can facilitate communication from our guides, our deceased loved ones, even nature. There is so much great power in music, so much potential joy, so much potential release. So much communication! But we deny ourselves these things when we do not interact with music on a regular basis. And why don't we? Well, most of the time we forget. Or we become distracted by all of the static and the noise and the outside interference around us (decidedly NOT music!) So this is our gentle, loving reminder to allow ourselves to experience music as the literal soundtrack to our lives. Sure, sometimes we just need silence, especially when everything in the ethers just feels so darned loud. But, how often do we suffer under the ever increasing volume of our own thoughts when we could replace that droning with music? How often do we seek to interact with music in a meaningful way? Music is all around us all the time, but we need to tune into it and turn it up in order to be able to truly experience it. In mindfully deciding to interact with music in this way and actively turning it up, we are also tuning into every beautiful thing that music offers right along with it. And we're giving ourselves the opportunity to soothe our souls in one of the most natural ways possible. Music in it's simplest form and definition is vibration. All energy has a vibration. We are by nature energetic beings with very specific vibrations. This is why healing modalities based on vibration and rooted in sound exist and are so profoundly effective. This is also why we have sayings about music moving us, because it literally does! So every time you allow yourself to "indulge" in interacting with music, you are also providing your body and your whole being with a loving act of healing. What could be better?! Give yourself the opportunity to tune into and listen to the rhythms that exist in nature and all around you. Can you identify the musicality within your world? Are you able to identify the musicality within yourself? Make music a meaningful part of your days each and every day and see if this lovely vibration can move you in a new and more uplifting direction.

Music is one of our most basic and foundational treasures. What other basics might you be missing or might it be time for you to tune into and turn up in your life? Check it out with a Back to Basics Session! Book Your Session Here!


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