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Let Your Spirit Soar through Inner Peace

Our Divine Download for Friday April 17, 2020 is Surrender to Inner Peace from the Power of Surrender Cards. What does inner peace mean to you? When was the last time you felt truly peaceful? Have you ever? Is Inner Peace something that you experience moments of each day, or a state that you aspire to be in on a more permanent basis? Here's a hint: Inner Peace is cultivate through moments and at large. We must first seek to define what inner peace means to us and what it looks like for us in order to surrender to a state of inner peace. Some experience inner peace through stillness. Others may find that movement through certain physical activities best cultivates inner peace. Nature is peaceful for many. Sometimes peaceful surroundings can highlight a state of inner turmoil, agitation, or chaos. For some, inner peace may be the lack of conflict with others. For others, their inner peace is not reflective of anyone but them. There are no absolutes in seeking or achieving inner peace. There isn't an inner peace police (thank goodness!) There's no rules or regulations. It's all about what works for YOU. What feels good to YOU. What feels right to YOU. You can't know what feels good to you and what works for you (or conversely what doesn't) if you don't make time to actively check in with yourself. Not just moments of quiet or peace, but during moments of disruption as well. Inner peace is a journey not a destination. It's possible that things that allowed us to experience peace at one juncture in our lives just don't feel the same to us at another, and that's okay. But know that cultivating inner peace is an active process, not a one and done activity. Start to build yourself an inner peace tool kit through regular mindful awareness. Certain tools may only work in certain situations, but the more you stay actively connected to this awareness and this process, the more tools you will have at your disposal. Once you are able to use those tools to be able to carve out peaceful moments, those moments will lead to consecutive moments and longer stretches of peace. You can even cultivate a peace centered lifestyle! Know that peace is a choice. Know that peace is absofrickinlutely something that you deserve. Know that peace is truly here for you NOW at any given moment. Allow peace to lift your heart and let your spirit soar.


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