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Light Up Your Life

Our Divine Download for August 23, 2021 is Archangel Christine from the Archangel Oracle Cards with the message "Accept the Christ Light. Act with wisdom and loving compassion." This is a really lovely and interesting tie in to the messages from the past few days. Our guidance is to open up to Archangel Christine and to allow her to fill you with Christ Light and wisdom. From the very moment that you invoke her, she will pour unconditional love and wisdom into you. She will help you experience everyone and everything from an enlightened perspective. She will bring more and greater light into your life, if you will only ask and allow her to do so. She will bring the light, she will bathe you in the light, she will flood every cell in your body with the brightest and most beautiful light ever experienced. Will you allow her to do so? Take a moment to really feel how this new light doused state of being feels. This is open to you at any time! Archangel Christine challenges you to approach each and every person that you encounter today with wisdom and loving compassion. Notice how they respond to you. She also encourages you to bring wisdom and compassion to all of the situations and circumstances within your own life in order to allow you not to be reactive. There is no room for reactivity within compassion or true wisdom. Notice how you respond to them. Archangel Christine is here to help you transform your life to the exact extent that you exude wisdom and loving compassion. To what extent will you commit to allowing your life to be transformed? Are you ready?!

It can be challenging to treat others with loving compassion when we do not treat ourselves with the same. All healing and every great transformation begins with the love and compassion that we show ourselves. Our Angels will help us connect with how to best do that now during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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