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Lighten Your Life Towards Joy

Our Divine Download for July 26, 2023 is Hibiscus/Joy from The Herbal Astrology Oracle. It's been a hot minute since we were reminded that we are here for joy. We are on Earth, in this reality, in this day and age, to be in joy. To be marching boldly down our path towards joy. If that has not been your experience, if that is not the way that you see your life or would describe your life, it's time to take an honest inventory and make some changes about your choices as well as your perspective. Your very first change is to make the choice to lighten up. Fly light and easy like the hummingbirds that appear on this card and stop taking everything so damn seriously. Like Hibiscus, you emanate the essence of Venusian grace (Hibiscus is ruled by Venus and Pluto), You hold and cradle life. You are the nurturer (that means of yourself as well). Your presence brings renewal and joy to others. Express your creativity to keep attracting this colorful energy back to you. Like the Hummingbird, you are a creature of nectar, a conduit of divine love and joy. It is also possible that you may currently have the inability to see the many blessings you've been given. Don't shy away from your power; you are worth of it all. Follow the dance of the Hummingbird, journey into your sadness and know that this pain is just a thread within the fabric of joy. But if you do not journey into your sadness from time to time and pull those proverbial threads, they will only serve to snag your joy in the future.

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