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Live The Magic

Our Divine Download for June 14, 2022 is Mystic from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message “Surrounded by the mysteries of life, the mystic is open to and searches for meaning which is deeper and more profound than what may be seen at first glance Fall passionately in love with life, and become more intimate with your universe.” There's always SO much more going on than what meets our eye, but we seemingly prefer to take active steps to divorce ourselves from the magic and mysticism of the universe rather than to allow ourselves to embrace and be sustained by the mysteries of life. When we push magic and all those behind the veil type things going on our of our minds, our of our consciousness, and so far away that we pretend that we don't exist, we deny ourselves the connectivity that we are meant to have with the whole of the universe. We must acknowledge magic and the universe in order to feel connected. We must feel connected in order to fall in love with life. Life isn't meant to be existed in, but to be lived, fully, beautifully, joyfully, lovingly, and yes, most especially magically. Magic and mysticism is that little wink and nod that we get from the universe that fosters all of the other wonderful connections that we are meant to have. Use the word magic. Look for it. Acknowledge it when you see it and when you find it. Know it. Live it. Love it. We live on a round spinning ball that floats in space and circles a giant ball of fire - if that's not a good place to start acknowledging and tuning into magic, then I just don't know what is! Magic can be in the little things in life like dew drops and rainbows, and flowers, but it can also be in those bigger, bolder synchronicities. But it is everywhere, and it is all around us. And it's time we start noticing and well past time we start talking about it.

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