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Love Unconditionally.

Our Divine Download for July 23, 2023 is Rose/Love from The Herbal Astrology Oracle Cards. Both Venus and the Moon are represented on this card. Venus has to do with love of course, but also puts a lot of focus on what we love and what we value. The Moon has to do with our emotions, our emotional needs, and how we seek to get our needs met in the world. Rose is telling us that it is time to allow greater love into our lives. She asks us to allow the dance of trust and intimacy to heal and open our hearts. Like the rose, you are rising from harsh soil, through the path of thorns and challenges as you grow and blossom on your spiritual journey. Look deep into your heart and see where you might need more love and affection (hint: it could very well be that you need to show yourself more love and affection too!) The White Dove represented on the card reminds that through childlike trust, we can navigate the most challenging pathways with an undertone of joy and presence. Remember, you understand how love is the doorway, and through this sacred embodiment you are able to birth anything into manifestation. Everything is possible through love. Let all creativity, all sexual and nurturing connection, be attuned to the vibrational powers of unconditional love. Note that specified UNCONDITIONAL love. Conditions are where we typically go so very wrong in love. Look closely at all of the different types of love relationships in your life, especially the love relationship you have with yourself. Examine those relationships honestly to see if you have placed conditions on them or if you are showing up in the present moment as the most authentic version of yourself and loving unconditionally. Challenge yourself to take the conditions our of and off of all of your loving relationships.

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