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Love Your Way to Hope

Our Divine Download for November 5, 2020 is Hope/Love and Acceptance with the message "Love is yours. Recognize your divine worth. Choose loving thoughts." from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. Hope and acceptance are both rooted in love. Love is always a choice. We are love. We come from love. All people are love. All people come from love. When we recognize our own divine connection and worth, it makes it SO much easier to see the love and divine nature of others. Hope that things can be better or different is bread in love. By sending loving energy and light to people and situations. By recognizing your own love and shining your own light and connecting with your own worth. If you don't feel worthy of love, it feels impossible to treat anyone else in a loving way. Acceptance of how things are is also rooted in love. Because when we accept ourselves as loved and loving beings of the divine, and we accept that we are always divinely guided, supported, and protected, nothing much else matters. So it becomes easier and flows better to accept things as they are. Knowing that how things are in this very moment is not how things will be forever or until the end of time. How do you acknowledge your own divine nature? Are you treating yourself like the loved and loving being of light that you are? Are you treating all others in a way that is in line with acknowledging their divine nature? What changes do you need to make with how you show love to yourself? What changes can you make to allow yourself to be more loving to others. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Fab Four said it best when they said "All You Need is Love!"

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