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Magically Shift Your Life

Our Divine Download for August 14, 2022 is Raven/Things are shapeshifting from the Feathered Omens Messenger Birds from the Spirit World oracle cards. Raven has a plethora of mixed legend and lore and interpretation associated with it - being seen as a bird of birth, of death, of magic, and mysticism. When Raven appears, it is time to bring some light into the darkness wherever it may exist in your life. Things around you may not be as they appear right now. Now is the time for you to take action, not wait for others to do it for you. Ravens are excellent at using tools and in doing so remind us that you are soley responsible for what you accomplish. You must put forth the effort - you have to do the work - adapting to use whatever tools are available to you right now. Doors are opening for your life to begin changing, but Raven reminds you that the course and trajectory of changing your life lays in your own efforts. You must essentially be your own light in the dark. You must take the lead. You must take control of those circumstances which you are able to. When you do, Raven promises you opportunities to become the magician of your life right now, according to your efforts. The magic has been awakened and now you must find the best ways to express it. If you do, your life will change for the better and in some delightfully surprising ways. When things are shapeshifting around you, as Raven suggests they are right now, you must be diligent not to allow yourself to get off course especially by becoming bogged down in unimportant things. Put your faith in and take your guidance from the spiritual world and not the material world. Now is the time to enter the darkness and face our fears. Only then will be experience true light. This is the time to move. This is the time to make a decision. Focus on your spiritual goals and then the material world will be taken care of.

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