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Make Magical Wishes!

Our Divine Download for December 22, 2020 is Wish Wisely from Oracle of the Fairies. Ohmygoodness! I don't think this card could follow yesterday's Divine Download any more synchronistically! Wow! Yesterday our fairy friends alerted us to this grand manifestation cycle that we are entering into (like one where our wishes come true nearly instantaneously!) and encouraged us to get motivated to plant the seeds of our big, beautiful, bold manifestations. Today, they're reminding us that it's supposed to be FUN when we manifest! It's supposed to be enjoyable and joyous and not really feel like work! When we make wishes, especially as small children, we connect our heart's desires with our minds as we put those wishes out into the Universe through whichever magical vehicle we have access to at the time. When did we decide that we had to drop the magical part of manifestation our of our process?! Just because we give it a different, more formal, more grown up sounding name does not mean that we should banish the magic from our manifestation. Or the joy. Or the fun! As a matter of fact, our manifestations become more potent and more powerful when we embrace that magic, that fun, that joy! All of that same magic that existed for you as a child when you wished upon stars, or coins, or dandelions, it all still exists for you and is here for you to access. So go ahead and make those wishes (aka manifestations) in all those fun ways that light up your heart space. Because when you do, you increase the speed by which you manifest. Wishing and manifesting are so similar, they go hand in hand. After you have connected with your heart center and brought to mind that which brings your joy and that which lights up your whole energetic body, allow your first act of manifestation to be to simply write down your wish. That grounds it into the earth realm. It gives you something tangible to focus on. Imagine what it will feel like when your wish is granted, when it comes true. Visualizing your wish helps to bring it into being and the more detail you can pour into your visualization, the more likely and quickly it will manifest accurately. You can even connect with and partner with your fairies in meditation and say to them out loud "Dear fairies, this is my wish. Please help it to be. I am open for you to inspire me." You're now co-creating with the fairies and you need to remain open and receptive to signs and inspiration that they bring you and you must be willing to act on whatever action steps they inspire within you. Wish Wisely and be sure that what you are wishing for is completely in alignment with what you truly want and truly need. Have fun partnering with your fairies and enjoy rediscovering your own magical manifestation magic!

Our Angels are amazing manifestation partners for us too. Sometimes they are more accessible to us than the fairies and they love to support us with out manifestation efforts. A 60 Minute Angel Card Reading is a wonderful way to receive the Angels support and guidance surrounding your manifestation efforts and wishes. They'll even give you guidance to remove manifestation blocks which might be keeping your from full and brilliant manifestations. Book Your Session Here!


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