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Make Space For Your Purest Life

Our Divine Download for September 6, 2020 is Purification/Summer Rain from the Sacred Destiny Oracle. Purification is another one of those "P" words that everyone so loves. Not. But, the truth is that it is necessary and that wonderful things follow the cleansing, purging, and release of necessary and timely purification. It's difficult, if not impossible, for new, vibrant, bigger, bolder, brighter energy to enter your life when your life is clogged with the stagnant, worn, old, and outdated energies of yesterday (or last week, or last month, or last years, or that one time in 1995...)We need to make room to grow and harvest those things we want and need to grow and harvest, and in order to do that, we need to weed our proverbial gardens. Both physically, as well as energetically and emotionally as well. Cleanse and purify your body (you already know what you need to do there!) But, cleanse and purify your physical space as well. That means detoxing, clutter clearing, cleansing, and space clearing. If it's old, if it's worn, if it's no longer serving a purpose, much less you, it's got to go. No guilt, no shame, no remorse. If it's not in line and aligned with the life you're working so hard to cultivate and the person who you're working so hard to become, let it go. Let it go! You have to let go in order to grow. Facts. When you release old, outdated energies in it's various forms, you invite fresh, clear energy into your life. The choice is yours. Which type of energy will you invite and allow in your life? Other ways that you can purify yourself and your space include taking a social media break or pause, eating lightly and with mindful intention, choosing not to take things personally (they're truly not usually about your anyway). Release resentment. Release guilt. Release blame. Purify yourself in thought, word, and deed. Purify from the inside out. Purify your surroundings. Purify your life. It has been said that decluttering is modern day alchemy - are you willing to allow and embrace this magic? If you don't love it or use it, let it go. LET. IT. GO.!!!! Embrace the abundance on this card as you mindfully and intentionally make space for it in your life. It's harvest time, and the life of your dreams is what you've been growing. Tend to it. Weed those fields and don't allow any intruders, energetic or otherwise. And the Summer Rain will truly wash away what's past, making way for what's to come.

A Back to Basics Reading could be just what you need to see which spiritually minded practices will be easiest to support your purification and growth right now. Book a Session!

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