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Mindfully Silence Yourself

Our Divine Download for July 10, 2022 from the Healing Cards is In silence, we most readily preserve our integrity. "Your soul thrives on silence. From deep inside, you receive your most certain guidance and instruction. In silence you are without distractions. This is why we fear silence - we fear its power. Enjoy quiet meditation today." The world we live in is LOUD. Really, REALLY LOUD. We exist in a state of near constant over stimulation and even when we can possibly experience a little bit of pseudo silence, at least some quiet, then our own thoughts tend to be very loud inside our own heads too. You've heard it said that silence is golden, and it absolutely is. We're being put on notice that right now silence is also extremely necessary for our poor overwrought nervous systems. Meditation is a wonderful way to experience silence, especially when we can lean in and practice silent, mindful meditation. When we still ourselves and go within, without the distraction of guidance or music or mantras, we are able to connect with ourselves and with our space in a much more intimate and meaningful way. It is unlikely that we will ever find a truly silent environment within which to practice this type of meditation, but we can train ourselves to simply notice the sounds around us without taking them in, taking them on, or investing our attention in them. Simply notice them and return to yourself. Notice them and return to your breath. Notice them and return to your body and listen in this silent place and in its silent way to what your body is trying to say to you and how your body is trying to get your attention. You may have to cultivate and create silence for it to exist in your life, but it is worth the investment in yourself to do so.

Integrative Reiki Sessions can be done in silence to allow you time for inner reflection. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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