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No Need To Worry! Your Seeds Were Well Planted!

Our Divine Download for July 16, 2023 is Patience and Planning from the Psychic Tarot. In other tarot interpretations the 7 of physical would be considered the 7 of earth, 7 of autumn, 7 of coins, 7 of pentacles, and the 7 of Archangel Ariel. Yeah, I know. This card actually had the audacity to use the "p word" right on it. And patience is never anyone's favorite thing to have come up in a reading. But this card is telling us that there is literally nothing to worry about. NO need to worry! We've done what we needed to do. We've planted the seeds for our success. The only reason that we need to have patience right now is because everything happens in a cyclical manner and the seeds that we've planted simply need to take their time to sprout, grow, bloom, and yield our desired results. This card is our reassurance that YES! that will absolutely happen! So go ahead and exhale. Demonstratively blow all of that useless worry energy away. In the meantime, while the seeds of your inevitable success that you need not worry about germinate and do their thing, you can be planning for your next great venture or adventure and you can be planning on exactly how you want to reap the rewards of your inevitable harvest. (All of which is most effectively done from a patient and practical state of mind anyway). So worry out, planning for your harvest is in! And so it is!

Worry can be a hard thing to overcome and patience a virtue that many of us find challenging if not impossible. But our Angels will help reassure us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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