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Only Carry What You Want To

Our Divine Download for October 16, 2023 is Lighten Your Load from the Spellcasting Oracle. Are you tired? You probably are. And that probably has something to do with the fact that you have been carrying around more than your fair share of burdens. What are you carrying that isn't yours? What can you set down? What doesn't belong to you? Sometimes we become so accustomed to picking stuff up and carrying it for other people that we don't even necessarily know that we're doing it, and we definitely don't know why we started carrying that stuff to begin with. People rarely want to carry their own stuff, much less deal with it, so they are more than happy to pass the proverbial buck at their earliest convenience. But that's about them and not about you. And it doesn't work for you. It doesn't make sense for you to pick up, carry, and deal with anyone else's stuff. You've got enough of your own. And what happens when we carry other people's stuff is that it doesn't leave time or room to deal with our own. And that simply won't do. We aren't doing them any favors, and we certainly aren't doing ourselves any favors. So figure out today, what you can set down, what you no longer need to carry. It may also be that there are familial or ancestral burdens that you have been carrying and now is the time to set those down too. Be willing to create ease and space in your life by setting down anything that does not work for you, anything that doesn't bring you joy, anything that feels heavy or harsh, or anything that you simply don't want to carry. Remember that "no" is a complete sentence and the only person that you are obligated to is yourself. You show up for yourself and those in your life in a better and more authentic way when you don't haul around shit that doesn't belong to or serve you.

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