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Open The Door To Healing

Our Divine Download for March 19, 2022 is Golden Healer Quartz/Open the door from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Cards. Golden Healer Quartz is your confirmation that you are ready to begin the process of some form of healing. Think about some aspect of your life that has been calling to get your attention. Unlock the door in your subconscious mind so that you can remember and overcome any experiences or feelings that you may have blocked out. It's time to allow yourself to acknowledge those emotions so that your healing journey may begin. Remember to take it slow and easy as you uncover and reconnect with the parts of yourself that need healing so that you may embrace a better, stronger version of yourself on the other side of the door. Healing is rarely ever linear, so be patient and gentle with yourself if things that you thought you had healed perhaps come back up to be looked at, healed, and released. In which area of your life are you ready to begin your healing journey? What can you do to make yourself comfortable as you open the door to healing? What are the small steps that you can take to begin this process? Healing is rarely a one and done type of thing. We tend to focus on the big pieces or what we think the big issues are rather than breaking healing off into more bite size pieces which would allow us to make steady progress on our healing journey. Affirm: "I am ready to begin my healing journey regardless of what it looks like." Happy healing!

Reiki can be a wonderful healing tool and can help you facilitate healing in any area of your life. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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