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Open to Communicated Blessings

Our Divine Download for August 25, 2022 is Gabriel/Benediction from The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards. Archangel Gabriel is considered the divine messenger and deals with all manners and ways of communication. Archangel Gabriel brings us the message of benediction at this time to let you know that many blessings are sent from the angelic kingdom. Simply yield to this, do not resist, just let go. Allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to be secure in the knowledge of what is coming and what is promised, even if it has not yet manifested in a tangible way yet. The joy and love you will receive flow directly from source and will surpass anything else you may experience. Your blessings will always include joy and love as these are the virtues which will always be received in the instant of benediction. The Archangels are in service to the divine, to source, and they are loving conduits who will lift away any challenges that you may experience. Fear causes us to be unaware of the angels. Fear stands for False. Evidence. Against. Reality. or False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. When you can surrender the grip of fear on your life (and your angels and the Archangels will help you with this if you will simply ask them to do so), your blessings will begin to accrue in ways that you cannot yet imagine. To draw in Archangel Gabriel's force affirm: "May I be true to my message. May I be clear in my soul. May I be eloquent in my loving. May I live in ease." And so it is.

Our Angels are always happy to affirm our blessings, current as well as future during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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