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Open Your Eyes To Your Spiritual Gifts

Our Divine Download for April 7, 2024 is Seer/Prophecy from The Sacred Medicine Oracle. Take a moment to close your eyes and allow yourself to claim your intuitive gifts and prophetic abilities. Yes. You absolutely have them. #facts You are a seer, and your visionary gifts are being enhanced. For many lifetimes, these gifts were shut down and you were persecuted for all the medicine that you held (this is why so many people are so afraid to embrace the full spiritual truth of who they are and what they are capable of). It takes a lot of courage to reclaim and remember all that you are, and this card reminds you of the depth of gifts you have carried. It's an important time to build a connection with your nighttime dreaming and daily flashes of inner knowing that you receive. You are being validated that these are in alignment with your highest spirit connection, and it is i time to deepen your relationship with this part of your medicine gifts. This is a lifetime where your prophetic gifts are meant to be used and put into action. Pay attention to all the signs coming your way, for they are a way to see into the future for all beings upon our great planet. Imagine that a healer guide that works with you places their hand over your third eye to rewire and reactivate your visionary gifts. Take a moment to offer gratitude and allow yourself to see with your higher self. A great winged guide or angel comes forward and shines a golden light into your awareness. You are encouraged to explore and practice your abilities as a seer. It is safe and the time is now. The world needs us to all lean into and utilize our gifts and talents at this time. Use the healing affirmation "As I reclaim my visionary gifts, I step more firmly onto my healing path."

If you have had challenges or blocks in the past connecting with your spiritual truth as a seer and communing with your tribe on the other side, a Stairway to Heaven Session is the perfect way to personally connect with and learn to work with some of your specific guides. Schedule Your Stairway to Heaven Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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