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Play Into Your Power

Our Divine Download for May 24, 2023 is Lalita The Red Goddess from The Divine Feminine Oracle with the message "Playfulness is a spiritual power. Laughter Leads me back to the light." This may be my favorite message that ANY Goddess has ever offered us! We forget the power of play. We forget the necessity of play. We lose track of and forget what it even means to us to play at this juncture in our lives. Playfulness is a spiritual power. BOOM. There it is!! That is just how important playfulness is. So if you do not know what it means to you to play at this juncture in your life, if you are not making it a point to incorporate play regularly into your life (like ideally every day), it is time to start in order to claim the full spectrum of your spiritual power. And what a FUN way to do so! If you don't know what it means to you to play at this juncture in your life, that's okay. But that means that you get to figure it out. And to figure it out, it means you get to set aside time to try on different forms of play. How freaking cool is that? What playing looks like as adults doesn't always look the same way that it looked to us as children, but it can. It may not look the same way that it did a few years or a few months ago, and that's okay. It's not about then, it's about now. Make sure that you are laughing each day to allow yourself to be lead back to the light because that is where you will find and connect with your most current and meaningful form of play. Plus, what is play without laughter?! Laugh, play, be merry, and be one powerful creature as you move down your path towards joy!

When we lose sight of or forget what it means to us to play, it can be helpful to have our Angels and guides offer specific suggestions as to where we should start and what we should try on right now in terms of play and they will joyfully, gleefully do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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