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Play Up Your Love of Life

Our Divine Download for December 12, 2021 is Playfulness and Romance from the Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards. Our Angels show up for us today and ask us two very important questions: 1. When was the last time you played? and 2. Are you in love with your life? These two go hand in hand, but looking around at our society, you'd never know it. We are meant to be in joy. We are meant to enjoy our lives. We are not meant to work ourselves to death and to feel as though life is dull and a never-ending loop of drudgery. As children, we play each and every day. We are hardwired to find a way to make each and everything we do feel playful. Unfortunately, as adults, we tend to lose site of this and disconnect from our innate hard-wiring. Adulting isn't usually all that much fun, especially these days. But it *could* be. What does it mean to you to play at this stage of your life? How do you play? What does it feel like to you to be playful? When you are in the energies of joy and play, your heart, mind, and spirit feel so much lighter and so much better. It is easy to experience a joie de vivre, or love of life when you can regularly experience these lovely lighter energies. Often times when we think that we do not love our lives it is because we are too hyper focused on certain elements within our lives. Loving life requires a macrocosmic view point rather than a mircroscope to dissect and analyse all of our would be problems. When you're really just not feeling a love of life, it may be time to show yourself some affection, some love, or even romance yourself. How does that look for you? We've received our cosmic marching orders from the Angels: go forth and play your way right into loving your life!

Sometimes we may need more specific guidance from our Angels when it comes to how to play and what it means to love and romance ourselves. Our Angels understand that we become disconnected and they're happy to connect with us and provide meaningful action steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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