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Playing Seek & Find

Our Divine Download for January 5, 2021 is Seeking And Finding from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes. Hey, you! Yeah you! Whatcha looking for? Do you know that whatever it is, you're probably going to find it?! Seriously. But, are you actually seeking, looking for what it is that you truly want to find, want to discover, want to experience? Do you know? It's pretty hard to find what you're after when you're not sure what it is that you want to be seeking. Facts. So maybe the first step for you is to figure out what it is that you do want to find. It's okay if you don't know. It's okay if you think you only know some of it. No one said that you have to have all of the answers right now, right this second, on this very day! Give yourself the time and the grace and the space to figure out what it is you to want to find. Also check in with yourself to see if what it was that you were seeking in the past is still in line with what you actually want to find. Because that can change. And it's okay when and if it does. There are no absolutes or finites or finalities to this lovely game of seek and find. There are no deadlines! You are right where you are meant to be in this moment, right here, right now. Even if that means that you don't know what it is you want to find. Even if that means that you didn't know that you were supposed to be seeking. Even if that means that what you've sought in the past is not what you wish to seek any longer. Even if that means that you've found some, but not all of which you seek. Wherever you are at in the process, it is okay. It's good! It's great! You're great! So exhale any expectations and artificial deadlines. But do know that when you get clear on exactly what it is you are seeking, the process of finding will be an absolute joy! AND, it also isn't likely to be such a long drawn out process for you to find what it is you're seeking. SO be open to the journey and the process of seeking, because it is a divinely inspired and special experience in it's own right. Be open to revise your seeking process. The seeking is meant to be enjoyed too! Finding is also more about the journey and not simply a destination! There's an ebb and flow that goes with seeking and finding, and it can be a lovely process. So be aware of and mindfully participate in this process. When you approach it in this manner, you are guaranteed to find what it is you seek.

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