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Power Up Your Passion

Our Divine Download for October 13, 2021 is Stand in Your Power "Be passionate about your vision. Bring about positive change." from The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards. This card shows up as a reminder that you are a magnificent divine being and a loved and loving child of the divine. Can you feel that? Do you believe that? Are you able to reach deep inside yourself to recognize and connect with your own magnificence? When you are passionate, especially fiercely passionate about your vision and connected to your inner magnificence, it may feel as though you simply sweep any and all opposition to your vision aside. Your enthusiasm will light your way and give you the stamina and the charisma that you need in order to breathe life into your vision. When your excitements lights up and creates beautiful sparkles in your aura, it creates a sense of magnetism that attracts anything and anyone that you may need to help you bring your vision to life. The entire universe aligns behind you and conspires to help you succeed and you become an unstoppable force. When was the last time that you were so excited about something that your aura sparkled? We've all felt our sparkle dull just a little bit in the recent past, but it's time to reconnect to that joy, enthusiasm, and excitement that are our birth right and which makes us even more naturally powerful. We bring about positive change when we connect with both our passion and our power. We have the power and to create positive change not just for ourselves, but for our family (however we may define that) and our community as well. When we set our intention to create positive change for the highest and greatest good of all, we are assured success because with great authority or power comes great responsibility and this is our gentle reminder that we are not only responsible to ourselves. Root yourself in the knowledge of this power and do whatever it takes to reignite your own inner passions. Because you've got amazing things to do.

It can feel challenging or uncomfortable to stand in our power when we have not viewed ourselves as powerful for whatever reason. Connect with your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading so that they can help remind you of all of the power that you do have within all of the situations in your life. Book your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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