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Power with Flowers!

Our Divine Download for December 30, 2020 is Flower Power from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. Nature calls again! As we wind down towards the end of 2020 (I can hear you cheering that from here!) we are once again being called to interact with nature and this time it is through the yummy gentle energy of flowers! Flowers are such potent and powerful healers in their own right but so very gentle at the same time. You can experience their healing energy by simply bringing flowers into your home. They will cleanse and clear the energy in a gentle, nurturing and uplifting way. You can also do the same thing by interacting with images of your favorite flowers because the energetic signatures of these potent healers are contained in their images as well. If you are able to bring live flowers into your home, think about other ways you can interact with their energy. Smell their blossoms. Bring them into your energy field by sweeping them through your aura or placing them over specific areas of your body (Hint: your heart is receptive to flower energy!) Draw yourself a luxurious bath using their petals to cleanse yourself of the 2020 energies and prepare for what 2021 and beyond has in store for us. Incorporate them in a crystal healing grid. Make a tea out of them (only if you sourced certified organic flowers because you do not want to ingest any pesticides or other chemicals!) There are SO very many ways to interact with flowers. You can also interact with flowers utilizing essential oils made from flowers in many, many different ways. The other message of this card is more subtle, and that is a reminder to make sure that you are drinking enough water to cleanse and support your physical body. When we get busy with the holidays and all of the other situations that life throws at us, we can forget to drink enough water. It is necessary and helpful for us to consume the appropriate amount of water to allow us to be in our best possible flow. As we say goodbye to this year, consider drinking a bit of extra water to help your body energetically purge anything which you no longer need and anything that will not serve you moving forward. Some of the simple pleasures of nature can be some of the strongest and most potent energetic tools. Power yourself with flowers today!

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