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Practice Radical Acceptance

Our Divine Download for January 10, 2023 is Acceptance from the Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "Radical Acceptance in the Now opens the Flow." Acceptance has obviously been a pretty big in-your-face type theme for us this week, and today is clearly no different. This card puts us on notice that there is something in our lives that we are not fully accepting or not completely accepting, or trying to pass of as though we have accepted it despite the many, many stipulations we have included within our alleged acceptance. Radical acceptance is an all or nothing thing. We either accept or we don't. No ifs, and, or buts. But we love our ifs, ands, and buts! Just like we enjoy our whens. Acceptance is not "I'll accept this if..." or "I'll accept that and..." or "I do accept this "but..." just like it isn't "yeah, I'll accept that when..." Nope. Those types of conditions just do not fly with the universe. We also fall into the trap of thinking that when we accept something it means we have to like it. WRONG. We can accept something and very much not like it. We don't have to like how something or someone is in order to say "I accept this." (You'll notice the period punctuating the end of that sentence!) The act of acceptance also doesn't condone bad behavior or tough circumstances. We can accept something or someone and choose not to participate in it or with it. The power of choice is transformational when paired with the act of acceptance! We can breathe a little easier and focus on those things where we can place conditions and affect change, like our free will choice. This is radical indeed.

We often struggle to accept situations as they are because we want them to be different and we believe that they can and they will change. Our Angels will help empower us with the knowledge of where change is and isn't likely to occur, and by helping us focus on our own choices within situations and dynamics during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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