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Prioritize Your Peace

Our Divine Download for October 23, 2022 is Peace from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Peace is actually our natural state of being. You'd never know this from the amount of chaos that abounds in our life and within our world. This is a time for quiet and reflection, and a time to be still. The peace that your soul craves requires you to slow down, to stop thinking so damn much and to just prioritize taking a time out. Give yourself a chance to be silent in order to hear the loving messages and guidance of the angels, your guides, and really the gentle hum of the universe itself. When you are in this place of quiet and centered stillness, spirit will rest upon your head and open your heart and you will then be better able to connect to the beauty around you. Be still, breathe, and go deep into your inner sanctuary where your pure peace lives. Within this sacred place you will find restorative balance and harmony. Once you've experienced this tranquility and allowed yourself to reconnect and renewed your own spirit, you'll be able to see with increased clarity of new eyes and you'll be better able to achieve peace within everyday moments. This is the best way to restore not only peace but order within your life. When you prioritize this quiet, centered, peace focused me time, this is where inspiration for peaceful agreements is reached. Know that your prayers for peace have been heard and are being answered. You can expedite the arrival of peace in your life when you take the necessary actions of prayer and meditation to cultivate your own sense of inner peace.

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