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Quiet Your Mind For Quiet Time

Our Divine Download for February 22, 2023 is Quiet Time from the Healing With the Fairies Oracle Cards. We live in an awfully loud world. We walk around with computers in the palm of our hands and every electronic that we interface with makes noise and talks to us. And there's an awful lot of people here too... Plus we're constantly being bombarded through the media and so many other communication mediums. This is why quiet time becomes essential to our very souls. We cannot exist in a world of constant over stimulation. We need quiet. We need peace. And we need solitude. Now depending on where we live and who we live with, these things may not be possible for long periods of time. Quiet time can be achieved in moments and doesn't need to be experienced in week long retreats. One of the best ways to experience quiet time is to go within through meditation (and all of my current clients collectively When we meditate, we quiet our minds and our thoughts, which in turn allows our bodies to settle and seek quiet in their own way on a physical level. Meditation gets a bum rap and it's not about achieving total silence in our thoughts. It's about letting our thoughts go like the chatter that they essentially are and just staying present and focused within, on our breath and our very being. Prioritize cultivating small moments of quiet as frequently as you can to give your body, mind, and spirit the break that it so desperately needs.

An Integrative Reiki Session Can be a wonderful way and a great place in which to experience quiet time (we don't have to talk! Or can just review feedback at the end of the session!) Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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