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Reach Out For Your True Family

Our Divine Download for September 30, 2020 is Star Family from the Starseed Oracle cards with the message "You're part of a team of souls. Call in support." This card brings you the Soul Inquiry "Who do you think is from the same star family as you? How can you call upon them for support? We live in a world and a day and age that forces us apart, both physically, but also mentally and emotionally. It's been astonishing to witness over the past few months the mass volumes of things that have been used to create and signify division and divisiveness. The truth of the matter is, we are all ultimately the same, and we were all once once. We are connected to and supported to souls which mirror the stars in the sky in their numbers, just as we are connected to the stars themselves. So why do we focus on our separateness? Why do we choose to feel alone? Weird? Unsupported? As though we do not belong or are not meant to be? Our Star Family, or our soul group, is vast. So vast in fact that we will likely never encounter most of them during this short lifetime. They are the people who you meet and instantly feel at home with, comforted by, understood, and seen by. They are those people whom you have that sense that you've met before or have know your whole life, even though you may have just met in this lifetime. In a very real way, our Star Family or soul group is our counterpoint in another human being. And they're here. Even if you don't currently know them, even if you may feel disconnected or estranged from them, they're here for you now. It's time to reach out for them, reach out to them, to be with them. To allow them to support you and honor yourself by supporting them. It is so very important to connect to and with the people who are part of your Star Family here on Earth, so that you can also expand your understanding and grow your consciousness of your connection with the entirety of your Star Family. We all need those relationships that feel like home. We all need those people with whom we feel more ourselves than we do even with ourselves. We all need those relationships with people with whom time seems to pass more quickly and stretch out indefinitely at the same time. We ARE already part of this Star Family. Be willing to trust that. We willing to allow yourself that experience and that support. Be willing to reach out for that connection and embrace who reaches back.

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