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Ready for Magic

Our Divine Download for January 20, 2021 is The Magician from The Good Tarot. The Magician is a major arcana card, so it's sort of equivalent to trump cards in traditional playing cards. Our card yesterday, The Fool, was also a major tarot card. We always like to pay marjor arcana cards a bit more attention as they typically heed larger scale transformations. The Magician is actually the next consecutive card following The Fool within the major arcana! Whoa. So not only are big things happening, but they are happening in divinely perfect and intended order, exactly as they should. Niiiiiiiccccccccceeeeeeeeee! The Magician is telling us that we're ready. We took that first step and we are absolutely ready and able to connect to, harness, and utilize our own inner magic. When we are in alignment with spirit and allow ourselves to be in the divine flow of the Universe, miracles are not only possible, but quite likely. If we try to go it alone, even if we are quite skilled at utilizing our own inner magic, we will have limited results. But, when we partner with the divine, when we partner with spirit, when we stay in that flow, that is where magic and alchemy live. So this next stop for us on The Fool's journey is to take some steps to explore the co-creative relationship we have with the universe and allow the results to manifest, and to manifest beautifully. Spirit works it's magic through you! The magic of the universe may exist, but it cannot be fully expressed or experienced without your beautiful, magical partnership. It's time to get your magic on!

If the idea that you are pure magic causes some dissonance within your physical body, there may be energies of doubt and mistrust relating to past experiences that have settled in your physical body. Identify them and clear them away with a Flower Therapy Oracle Card Session to allow your full magic nature to shine! Book yous Here!

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