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Reap The Benefits of Your Rewards

Our Divine Download for October 29, 2023 is Ten of Pumpkins from The Halloween Tarot. In other tarot interpretations, this would be considered the ten of earth, ten of coins, ten of pentacles, ten of autumn, and ten of Archangel Ariel. The suit of Pumpkins or Earth is all about those things that sustain us on the earth plane. Usually time, money, and health are the three that get the most lip service or buzz. The Ten of Pumpkins is a card of happy times, especially as they relate to your family life (however you may define that) and there is a jovial, celebratory energy about this card. It is also an indication that there is absolutely no need (I said NO need!) to worry about your time, money, or health, so if you have been, you can just go right ahead and drop those worries like a hot potato. There will soon be a happy outcome in your life, relating to the themes of Ten of Pumpkins (if you have not yet experienced this shift). Ten of Pumpkins also talks about completion and satisfaction, to the extent of being generously and appropriately rewarded for your efforts. If you have been in the throws of a difficult or challenging situation or dynamic for what has been (or has felt like) a long time, this is your sign that you will soon be able to take a big, relaxed deep breath, secure int he knowledge that all of your hard work is paying off, has paid off, and there is nothing to worry about with regards to your finances, your time, your health, and you will be able to enjoy your family (of origin or of choice) for the first time in a long time, or possibly ever. So good things, even great things are on the horizon for you, and are meant for you to be enjoyed. The Ten of Pumpkins is your proverbial rainbow after the storm, so lean into and embrace all the beautiful colors of that rainbow. Because you've earned it.

When things shift and change, especially dramatically, especially after a period of turmoil and challenge, it can feel unreal to us, too good to be true, and it can feel like another layer of challenge to accept and believe that it IS true and real. Our Angels can help support us through this process during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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