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Reclaim Your Power Through Partnership

Our Divine Download for Wednesday April 15, 2020 is People/Kindred Partnership bringing us the message of Coupling from The Quantum Oracle Cards. You are not meant to be a solitary being. You are not meant to go it alone. You are meant to partner with and surround yourself with caring connections where there is literally a sharing of heart and mind. Though this card speaks to kindred partnerships of all kinds, it can foretell and upcoming romantic partnership which will

bring with it lovely, tenderhearted feelings. This may manifest through a deeper or different connection within your existing relationship, or as someone brand new entering your life. This can also indicate that someone who is a kindred partner helps you discover a new love of life. Whatever form this energy takes, know that the vibration of love and care will absolutely be expanding in your life. If there has been a recent separation in your life, make sure you take the time that you need in order to love and nurture yourself through that time and that space. The way that you treat yourself, especially during emotionally challenging or difficult days, will determine how your future partners of all kinds treat you. Sometimes it is necessary for you to partner with yourself in a more meaningful way in order to get through these times. Allow yourself to fully feel through any emotions that may come up for you at this time. Follow any harsh or difficult emotions with an empowering affirmation such as "I let go of any negative energies, and I reclaim my own power and peace of mind." The affirmation for this card is "I open my heart and my life to the loving connections coming my way. I deserve to love and be loved." And so it is!

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