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Rediscover & Reconnect With Your Authenticity

Our Divine Download for February 17, 2023 is Awakening Your True Self from the Healing With the Fairies Oracle Cards. There is some part of yourself that has been hidden, slumbering, or just lying dormant. Perhaps this is a part of yourself that you were more connected with in the past, but for one reason or another, you let it go, forget about it, or let it slip away, or worse: were forced to disconnect or bury that part of yourself due to circumstances within challenging situations in your life. Now is the time to work on or to seek to awaken this long-dormant part of yourself. There is a re-connection that needs to be made within you with this part of your authentic self which will support your growth and evolution for the next parts of your life. You need not worry if you are not immediately sure which part of your authentic self needs to be awakened. Just be aware that there is a part of yourself for which this is true. The details of this awareness will come to you in the perfect moment once you connect with this awareness and set the intention to discover this part of yourself and begin to reconnect. You can also ask your guides and your Angels, even your ancestors to help you discover this part of your authentic self and be open to receiving their guidance. You are growing in your own authenticity and self expression each and every day, and reconnecting with this part of your authentic self will only serve to make it easier and more fun to continue that process. You can also try things that you used to do to see if they are things that you still enjoy, which may help you rediscover lost or misplaced parts of yourself. Don't worry about or even dread this task or this rediscovery or reconnection. Instead have fun with it. Have SO much fun waking up and trying on past versions of yourself and remembering the greatness of who you were is what has led to the wonder of who you are now in all of your fully authentic glory.

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