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Release Yourself From Karmic Debt

Our Divine Download for August 27, 2021 is Karmic Debt from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Karma has such an unfortunate negative connotation, and really gets a bum rap. Too often we focus on the punishment aspect of karma, at best, a balancing of the scales when debts from past "mistakes" must be paid off or repaid. In reality karma is much deeper than that. Karma is never random, but is the direct result of self-destructive patterns that have harmed us, and sometimes others, from this lifetime or others. We live in an abundant universe of not just second chances, but infinite chances and infinite do-overs - as many as we may need until we feel loved and fulfilled. Karma gives us a chance to get it right, and not just a little right, but really right! Second chances sometimes come in the form of finding ourselves in a repeating pattern and realizing that we now have the opportunity to make a better choice or choices this time around. Karma can often be about us choosing differently and better when we recognize those things that aren't working for us or those around us. Awareness and karma often go hand in hand. Karma gives us a chance to change any patterns that we do not like or are not working for us, and to greet these changes from a place of compassion, choosing empowerment over victimhood. We are never defined by our pasts as our future is untainted and can be written however we choose. Our "mistakes" are what we have done, not who we are! Affirmations can be very helpful when looking at your karmic debts. Consider these affirmation: "I am not my past." "I am not my mistakes." "I take these lessons with pure heart and gratitude." "I am safe and I am loved." "I know my ancestors, my guides, and angels are working with me not against me." Where you've been doesn't define where you are going. Free yourself from your karmic debts and fly in the direction of your dreams.

When we have been in the pattern of punishing ourselves or others for our past mistakes, or misinterpreting karma as our responsibility to dole out, it can feel challenging to shift that pattern and lean into self acceptance and forgiveness. Our Angels are experts at helping us hold that grace and space with ourselves and will help us do just that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session Today!

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