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Remember Who You Truly Are

Our Divine Download for November 13, 2020 is Remembrance/Rosemary from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. When we remember the past, our ties to the past, we tend only to focus on those of this lifetime, and often, not the positive ties that bind to our past. Rosemary is asking to work with you on softening and easing remembrance, helping you to soften the sharp edges of the past and allowing you to connect with the DNA of your lineage. Our past is encoded with cellular memory, and rosemary shows up for us now to allow us and encourage us to connect with that in a meaningful way. Rosemary whispers "Sink into the knowledge that lives in your bones. Let memory rise up from the body of your being." When we are able to do this, we connect more fully to the depth and breadth of the truth of who we really are at a soul level. We connect with all of those that have come before us. We have access to their memories, their lessons, their experiences, and especially all of their joy and all of their magic. Rosemary asks us to go beyond, to push ourselves to travel beyond the knowledge and the memory of those ancestors that we have personally known or those who are passed down most openly through familial heritage and lore. Lean into and try to feel your way to those associations that are tied to your heritage like the twisting threads of your chromosomes. This is what it truly means to be deeply rooted in our own history and to honor ALL of our ancestors - we can only do that by being withing to find, acknowledge, and follow the twisted cords of our own familial connections. You are not only and individual, but you are also the current incarnation in a long lineage - one that is truly as old as time. Will you ignore your genetic legacy? Or will you choose to connect with it and honor it? Rosemary is a powerful ally in helping you to do just that.

Mediumship Readings are an amazing opportunity to connect with both those ancestors that you know about and also those you may not. Book a session today and see who comes through for you! Book a session!


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