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Reminisce Through The Lens of Empowerment

Our Divine Download for December 15, 2020 is Six of Summer (Water, Hearts, Cups, Archangel Raphael in other interpretations) from the Fairy Tarot Cards. Water cards are always about emotions, and the Six of Water is no different. The Six of Water encourages us to connect with and embrace the magic of childhood, to connect with our own inner child. Can you allow yourself to dwell in that idyllic, magical place? Have you lost that space? How can you reconnect with it? How does it feel when you reminisce about your childhood or even the younger years of your own children? Do you have unresolved lessons from that time and that space? We tend to over romanticize our childhoods and our pasts. But, we can over romanticize in either direction! Regardless of our past experiences at any stage in our lives, it was likely never actually "the best of times" or "the worst of times." The truth of the situation always exists in that space of balanced middle ground. What steps can you take to view your childhood and your past more accurately? When we filter through the lens of actuality, disconnecting a bit from the emotional charge that some of our past experiences hold (whether positive or negative), that is where we can begin to incorporate the lessons that we needed to learn from those past experiences. When there is still emotional charge, pain, or turmoil to any past situation, that is a sure sign for us that we have some work to do on integration (of course things that occurred in the more recent past may simply need time to be less emotionally charged). There can be great power and great strength when we are able to free ourselves from the emotional charge of the past. There can be great power and great strength when we can view the past through a more accurate lens or filter. And the greatest power and strength from the past comes from integrating those lessons that we were tasked to learn in those ways at those times. It may not seem like it, but that power and the strength connects you with the magic of who you have always been. And you're being called to connect to, embrace, and remember just how very magical you are.

Energetic Cord Cuttings are super helpful when there are people or situations from our past that we are having difficulty disconnecting from. If you have worked on an attachment to a person or situation with little success, book an Energetic Cord Cutting to free yourself from those unhelpful, burdensome ties that bind. Book Your Session Today!


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