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Roll Forward With Good Fortune

Our Divine Download for January 2, 2022 is Wheel of Fortune from The Golden Girls Tarot Cards. The Wheel of Fortune is a Major Arcana Card and when Major Arcana cards show up in tarot it is because we are dealing with bigger deal concepts and more meaningful changes than just simple every day type of stuff. When the Wheel of Fortune or the wheel shows up it is because things are going to get rolling for us! And, before your ego mind even gets a chance to go there, the type of movement that we see with The Wheel of Fortune is as the card itself suggests only fortunate, forward, positive movement. Read that again. You cannot roll backwards with this wheel. You are rolling away from old patterns of the past. What was before will not be again because you are rolling away from it and rolling in a new and different direction. Just like when you go to an amusement park and the rides on the tracks only move forward in one direction, this is also true of this wheel. When the wheel shows up, it also brings a type of balance with it with the forward movement and forward progress. We see all four suits or elements represented on this card because even though we may only start to roll forward in one specific area of our lives, there is something magical about this forward momentum and it brings balance to the other areas of our lives so that they too can move meaningfully forward at some point. Sometimes it may feel as if the momentum on the wheel came out of nowhere and you may want to analyze it or figure it out, but this is magic and magic simply is and isn't particularly figure-outable. So just go with it and roll with it baby! It's all happening!

When things start rolling where they haven't been in the past, it can feel overwhelming and no one really ever talks about how the good things in our lives can be overwhelming. Sometimes these feelings of overwhelm come from patterns of the past and latent energies being blocked and stuck within our bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session will help support us in rolling right along with all of the positive changes that The Wheel of Fortune brings. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!

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