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See With Clear, Confident Vision

Our Divine Download for August 27, 2022 is Vision/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. This is an message for you about following your guidance and honoring your vision. You are being guided to trust the messages and the mental images that you've been receiving as they're answers to your prayers. Your heart knows the difference between intuition and ego, because intuition just FEELS different. It feels better. It feels amazing. But that pesky ego, that ego likes to make us question and doubt and worry and wonder. Trust. Trust yourself. Trust your connection. Trust the process. Your vision, especially your inner vision, is a gift to you and your loved ones. You know that they're divinely inspired and connected when they resonate with the energies of love and calmness. Your Guardian Angel is with you always and will help you see the truth within your current situation and will help you differentiate intuition from ego. Your Guardian Angel surrounds your physical and your spiritual vision with love and light. When you can have faith and look through their eyes, you'll see the best within yourself and within life itself. When you set and hold the intention to see the Divine light within everyone and everything it helps the highest possible outcome to occur. The energy is buoyed by your faith. Balance this by holding the dual intention of also allowing yourself to see the earthly truth of this situation. Even when that truth may be cold, harsh, or even ugly, when you look through the spiritual eyes of love, it will be easier to accept and digest. Our Guardian Angel will guide us through the differentiation process and also help to soften the blows of any challenging information that we may see. We simply have to ask.

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