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Set Down What Weighs You Down

Our Divine Download for December 19, 2021 is Breaking Free from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. We are not meant to go through life feeling weighed down or confined by anything. We are meant to be joyful and free and full of light. This is our official reminder that we are beings of light and that during this season of light we are meant to put down anything which feels heavy, weighty, or uncomfortable to us. There is great power in choice, and even greater power in surrender. So often we need to get out of our own way in order to allow events to play out as they are meant to. When we carry the weight or our alleged burdens, we naturally make them heavier than they need to be simply by focusing on the weight. When things feel heavy, it can feel daunting, or even impossible to visualize resolution, much less set them down. Affirm "I am free, and I am powerful. I now allow myself to enjoy this freedom and power." Can you visualize yourself free from your current burdens? Are you able to visualize the life that you want, rather than the burdens which you may currently be experiencing? When you feel trapped by outside circumstances, focus on those things that you can control rather than those which you cannot. You are being asked to take the first step in freeing yourself from any unnatural restrictions (Hint: almost all restrictions are unnatural). The fairies ask you to focus on being responsible only for yourself because when you're responsible for yourself, you are at the same time more responsible for others. When we are happy and free, this is when we have more room and more time for the other people and other things in our lives. If fear is what is restricting you, breathe it out. Call on your angels and your guides to help you to break fear from any fears. This is your reminder that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Unnatural circumstances are not the only things which can cause us to feel stuck or bound. Energies from past or unresolved situations can become stuck in our bodies, making it hard to feel as free as we are meant to feel. Check in with your body and balance or remove any stuck energies during an Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!

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