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Stand in Your Assertiveness

Our Divine Download for December 18, 2021 is Stand Your Ground from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards. Standing your ground is about being assertive rather than aggressive. We are living in a world where aggression has seemingly run rampant, moreso over the course of the past few years. It doesn’t serve us as a society or as individuals and it is harsh energy to try to deflect. Assertion, true assertiveness, has been lost or misplaced. Aggression is about holding power over others, and trying to control them, their actions, or a situation. And it never works and will not serve us in the long term. Control is an illusion. When we choose the path of aggression, all we are doing is putting even more anger and aggressive energy out into the ethers, adding to the problem. Assertiveness however doesn’t really have anything to do with others. Assertiveness is about YOU asserting your own power. Standing in. Owning it. And operating from a place connected to your true power, in which you are also therefore connected to source. Within our divine connection, we ARE powerful. Unlimitedly so. When we are tapped into, tuned into our own power and connected to source, holding power over others is of little interest to us because our badass powerful selves have places to go and things to do. When you are in a dynamic or a situation in which it may be helpful for you to assert yourself, check in with yourself to see if you are acting from a place of assertiveness or aggression. Assertiveness feels natural, calm, and balanced. Aggression on the other hand feels agitating and unnatural and can even provoke anxiety. If you feel those dissonant feelings associated with aggression, take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and call on your Angels to inspire the proper course of action which will connect you to your own assertiveness. Your Angels always want you in your most powerful and most peaceful way of being and will give you signs and guidance which will allow you to be in this space when you simply ask them to do so.

Aggressive energies, even the aggressive energies of the world, can settle into your body and create energetic blocks which will drain your energy and can even make it difficult to tap into your divine rite power. Clear these and any other energetic blockages during an Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session Today!

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