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Surrender To Flexibility

Our Divine Download for August 10, 2021 is The Angel of Flexibility with the message "I am ready for the surprises of life." from the Angel Meditation Cards. Humans do not like change. Humans also do not really enjoy surprises, regardless of the positive spin that we may attempt to put on them, because even positive surprises mean change and require adjustments. Surprise can actually have a rather negative connotation and association because of this. But how many times in your life has a surprise been really, truly lovely? Lovely surprises happen, but we tend to only focus on and remember those surprises that are unpleasant or particularly challenging. Which goes right back to those expectations that we talked about a few short days ago. The real reason that we don't always enjoy surprises is because we like to believe that we have more control over our lives and our circumstances than we actually do, and surprises are proof positive that we actually have essentially no control. And that's okay! Really, it's a good thing. We wouldn't want to drown under the responsibility of so much control anyway. Control is merely an illusion in most cases. Our Angel of flexibility is asking us to surrender the illusion of control and therefore pivot just a little bit easier when things may change, and surprises may present themselves. When we're not so married to our plans, and we are in a low key anticipation of the lovely things that may happen, it is much easier to develop and maintain flexibility. When we just go with it, we are better able to just grow with it, regardless of what it may be.

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