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Teamwork Makes Everyone's Dreams Work

Our Divine Download for October 3, 2020 is Teamwork from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards with the message "Work with others to make this situation come about." So often we feel like we have to go it alone. In fact, part of us even likes it, however overburdened we may feel in doing so. And of course, our pesky ego likes to tell "Yes! You are safe all by yourself! Others are a danger." Insert eye roll here. It was mentioned not so very long ago in the DD's that we are pack animals. We are meant to be with others. We're designed that way! And we're also meant to work with others. Despite our drives and our attempts to be completely independent or off the grid, the reality is that we all rely on others for various things in our lives. And we're being reminded that is is necessary and healthy for us to do so. In fact, we should strive to do so much more often than we typically do. We sometimes see working with others or needed help, inspiration, guidance, any assistance really, as a sign of weakness. And that's total hogwash. We all have our strengths. We all have our own individual talents. And we strengthen our strengths and allow more space for our talents to grow and expand when we work with others on those things that maybe are not our greatest skill set. Think about that. You are doing yourself a disservice every time you refuse to work with others. You're also doing them a disservice by ignoring their talents and not gifting them the space to grow and enhance those talents. It's time. It's time to build our teams. It's time to allow everyone the grace and the space to grow, build, and enhance their own talents. And it's time for us to do the same for ourselves. We've learned so much about ourselves and our inner connection or lack there of with other people over the past few months. And we are being very clearly guided that it is time to reach out, branch out, and trust that this is what we need to move and grow right now. Not only as individuals, but as we redefine our communities and help our society grow and expand in a positive direction as well.

Negative past experiences with others can make it difficult to trust anyone or to let anyone in and that's just no way to be. An energetic cord cutting can eliminate negative cords of attachments to certain people and past experiences. Book a Session Here!

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