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The Basis of Trust

Our Divine Download for September 24, 2020 is Trust from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Trust has become a buzz word of late. We're drowning under the floods of information that is out there and constantly being thrown at us from so very many different sources. How do you know who to trust? How do you know what to trust? Can you even trust yourself anymore? What does trust even mean? What does it look like? What does it feel like? So, first and foremost and most definitely most importantly, YES! you can absolutely trust yourself. ALWAYS. You know. You KNOW! Event when you think you don't, or maybe you don't want to, you know. Trust that. Trust that above and beyond everything else. Always. It's okay not to know the rest of it. Not to have the answers immediately, It's okay right now to hold your cards close to your vest. But, don't buy into any fear or chaos that is being stirred around you by all of the mixed information and not knowing that abounds. You know the truth and you are being called to trust that and stand in the truth of your knowing and the truth of who you really are. In so doing, it is safe for you to open your heart, to begin to trust others as you trust your own judgement about them and more importantly you trust yourself. Most people are inherently trustworthy and whoever you're thinking about or inquiring about right now is as well. Just because you've been hurt in the past or been duped by unscrupulous people does not mean that history will repeat itself. Because you learned and you grew and you can trust that as you trust yourself. Trust all begins and ends with your relationship with and trust in yourself. Trust yourself like it's a sport - a full body contact sport!

Trust is one of the basic necessities and foundations of our existence. Get Back to Basics and learn to trust yourself again through an empowering Back to Basics Reading. Book a Session!

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