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The Joyful Path

Our Divine Download for July 21, 2020 is Following Your Bliss with the message "My soul sings with joy." from the Gateway Oracle Cards. This card could also be referred to as the #lifegoals card. It is out birthright to be in joy. To be blissful. To make decisions and take movement based only on the criteria "Does this bring me joy?" This is what we're here for. But so very many of us don't know or remember what it is like to be in joy or to follow our bliss. Some of us never had the opportunity or permission to do so, or we had a person or people in our lives who did their damnest to make sure that we did not know or understand that joy is our birthright. We live in a society so deprived of joy that there are people who are uniquely skilled at manufacturing conflict where none exists as a result. If you've been deprived of joy for a while, or what feels like your entire lifetime, it is not necessarily realistic to think that your soul will sing with joy today, right now, immediately. There is learning to do and reconditioning to take place. But, what is realistic is to commit to focusing on following your bliss from this moment forward. It's realistic to commit to clear emotional and physical space to allow your soul to begin to hum with moments of joy, even if she cannot quite carry the tune and sing just yet. It is realistic, and necessary to start making decisions from an empowered place based on what feels good to you, what works for you, and saying "No" to that which does not, without guilt or self imposed consequence. You don't have to move the mountain today, you just have to take a couple of deep breaths and be willing to move forward. Begin by honestly assessing what feels good to you and what does not, and make your choices and course correct accordingly. Don't worry about the why - it doesn't really matter why something doesn't feel right or doesn't work for you, it just matters that it doesn't. We don't need to obsess or analyze, dissect, or figure out. We just need to be. We need to be in the truth of what is and isn't working in our lives. What does and doesn't feel good to us. What does and doesn't resonate with us. When we can be in touch with this, and we can move forward focused in on this place of authenticity, joy is the next natural step and you may just find that by allowing your truths to flow through you in an authentic way, that you naturally cultivate peace and joy in your life. And that is how you begin to follow your bliss.

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