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The Love You Got

Our Divine Download for September 27, 2021 is You Got the Love from The Starseed Oracle Cards. The big question that this card brings us is "How can you develop a deeper love for yourself?" We live on an abundant planet in an abundant universe and there is always an abundance of love available to us, though it may not feel like that at times. If you are feeling unloved, or just as though you are lacking in the love department, basically if you're feeling anything other than an equal participant on a planet of abundance, than this card is calling you to review your relationships and relationship boundaries. (Pro tip: reviewing your relationships includes reviewing the most important relationship that you have, which is the one that you have with yourself.) It is time to take inventory of your relationships. Honestly assess if you are in any codependent relationships, or if you are in relationships in which you give more than you receive, or if you're in relationships that are volatile causing you to be unsure where you stand. When you do a relationship review it is for you to investigate what energetic agreements you've made, consciously or unconsciously, in this or past life times. When you acknowledge those energetic agreements, you are able to renegotiate them on an energetic level so that they are a better fit and in line with who you are now and what you are looking to achieve in this lifetime. Acknowledge where you feel anxious or powerless within certain relationship dynamics. Knowledge is power and we cannot change what we will not see. As you do this relationship review, and you challenge yourself to love yourself better and more, also look to see if there are any places where you may feel inadequacy that you may have used a relationship to soothe or smooth over or to cover up. This love you got is ALL about you! *YOU* got the love. Truly. You do!

Relationships with ourselves and others can be tricky and we may not always see certain dynamics particularly clearly. Our Angels will help us see the truth in all of our relationship dynamics during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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