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The Time Is Right

Our Divine Download for December 21, 2022 is All Is In Perfect Timing from the Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards. What a perfect card for the Winter Solstice (Happy Solstice - Blessed Be!) I laughed when I pulled this card because let's be real about it: the timing of this year has been ridiculously challenging and endlessly frustrating for most of us. This is our reassurance, that we're not stuck in this never-ending loop of shit timing, and that things will start to move better and will start to get rolling, it's really, truly just a matter of time. It's also a reminder that all is well and that the delays that we have experienced have not only been necessary, but have put us in a wonderful position for things to go even better and even more smoothly than we ever thought that they could. Just like our card earlier in the week which encouraged us to create the action steps that we need to take in our lives, this card also reminds us that it is time to get moving. The time has come. Delays are coming to an end if they are not outright over. Things will flow better, be smoother, and easier. But we must act. When we fail to take the necessary actions, we delay the timing of opportunities and blessings in our lives and that's on us, not universal timing or astrological transits. The Winter Solstice ushers in Capricorn season, and Capricorn happens to be the most industrious of all of the zodiac signs. So step to it and start climbing the proverbial mountains of the projects and challenges of your life just like the sure-footed goat who's energy we have the opportunity to embrace and harvest for the next month. All is well. You are right where you are meant to be. And everything will be a-ok. So get to it!

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